James Martin, 2020 Salem City Council

Citizens for Salem, VA

"Public service should be measured to drive improvement and achieve goals."

- James Martin

James Martin, Salem City Council

I first ran for Salem City Council four years ago because we needed to refocus our efforts around our core values as a city, the “Salem Way”.  This means being true to our “Salem First" ideals and strength, but also relentlessly pursue, prepare for and create regional economic opportunities that benefit the City of Salem as a primary stakeholder.  In many ways over the last four years, we have done this as we secure our shared future.

My first term has been an exercise in capability awareness and change management. Aligning City capabilities with Citizen expectations has been a continuous improvement loop.  We have moved forward in renewing our preference for decisive servant-leadership toward specific service outcome driven decisions.  Removing institutional friction and applying countermeasures to the root causes of problems is now allowing Salem to re-focus on being accountable to ourselves and measuring our progress against our own best-in-class standards and Salem ideals.  

I stepped forward to take a more active role in our community decisions to ensure that Salem continues to be one of the safest and best places to raise our families, achieve career goals and forge a future filled with unlimited promise for those who are willing to work for it. I'd like your vote to continue to do that in 2020. 

If this vision and approach is in line with yours, I urge you to connect with me to support our City in these efforts!

I hope to talk with you soon! - James Martin



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