Citizens for Salem, VA

James Martin, 2020 Salem City Council

Strategy Overview and Approach

 Since 1968, the City of Salem has exemplified quality service and commitment to each other’s success.   That mindset has made us the model for an outstanding quality of life in Virginia and beyond.  In my opinion, this has always been the “Salem Way”. However, living in the past is not the answer.  We need leadership that will allow our sons and daughters to stand on the shoulders of our city's accomplishments, experience and wisdom gained from the last half century.  Being an independent city should mean something special to all our citizens and should be the point of reference in all our regional governmental relationships.  We, as a city, need to be sure we know who we serve first, reconfirm our commitment to our ideals, then execute defined strategies to produce the quality of life (services & commitment) we expect for our families in Salem.  These “Citizen Strategies” are made up of ideas and actions – one without the other is waste of time and effort.

Under the “Strategy” tab above you’ll see sections discussing my view of City Services / Community and Economic Development / Education.  These are areas I believe we as a City should focus on to create a plan with specific actions that will help us renew our commitment to doing business the “Salem Way”.

To get there, we will deploy a four-step Plan, Do, Check, Act, (PDCA) management method used in business for continuous improvement.

Establish objectives and processes necessary to deliver goal-oriented, measurable win-loss results.
Implement the plan, execute the process, achieve goals and collect data to measure progress. 

Study the progress results and compare against stated goals.

Continue or adjust execution plan needed to achieve desired results. 

This approach is based on the work of W. Edwards Deming as a respected leader in total quality management for business and government.  Many of the most successful companies in the world model their organizational behavior and business plan execution on these principles. 

Please see the City Services / Community and Economy / Education links under the Strategy menu above for my ideas and surveys for you to help plan our way forward.